christmas spirit

This Christmas season has been so Joyful. A few of my most memorable moments this season were the Kurt Bestor concert, our Sub for Santa experience, and Christmas dinner with my family. I went to the Kurt Bestor concert with my in-laws a couple of weeks ago and it was the first event that really got me in the Christmas spirit. He is so funny between songs and a great performer. The new Eccles Theater was AMAZING and had these beautiful starry ceilings, we were on the balcony and I was just looking up half of the time because the ceilings were so cool. Dallin and I also got to experience one thing that made this Christmas the best one yet. We participated in United Way's Sub for Santa. It was a very last minute decision for us, but I knew as soon as I saw the information we received from our family, that we made the right choice to help! The father of the family had just passed away in October, and when we went to drop everything off the mom told us that she had been waiting to get that call that would let her know that we would be her Sub for Santa helpers all month. We had only just submitted our names the night before, so again we felt the spirit and knew that we had been inspired to help. We picked up so many fun toys but it's hard shopping for a child you've never met. Especially when you don't have children of your own! We picked up items like roller blades, action figures, remote control toys, board games, clothes, and treats. I love giving gifts so I had a lot of fun picking everything out, but this experience was different than just getting a present for your family. The whole time we were so excited to drop everything off and we hoped he would be able to have a fun Christmas, especially after such a tragic event. When we went to drop everything off, the mom seemed to look at us a little surprised that we were so young. We told her a little about ourselves, and wished her a Merry Christmas. She told us that she had told her son earlier we were christmas elves, he made us a gingerbread house and she also gave us a little school picture with a note on the back. It said 'It's people like you who make children believe'. We left and we both had tears in our eyes because we were so happy that we helped someone have a wonderful Christmas.

Although we've known each other a long time, Dallin and I have only had two christmases together as a married couple. Last year we went crazy with presents for each other, and this year, we filled only our stockings with small treats. However I felt just as much love as I did last year, if not more, because I witnessed how much of a caring heart Dallin has to participate in an experience like this with me. Although Christmas is over, we can still find lots of ways to give to others and show acts of kindness in the new year. And last night, we were able to open family gifts and eat a delicious dinner at my parents house. I was so happy to see everyone together and I did witness a few Christmas miracles that night, even if they only lasted for a couple of hours (everyone getting along and talking to each other)! I love spending time with both my in-laws and my family, and we got to do so many fun activities and enjoy the Christmas spirit with both families this year. We are lucky that we live so close, so it's easy to visit and have fun! 

My littlest sister was nice enough to take our family photos up at Sundance Resort this year, it was so fun and I always look forward to designing Christmas cards after! 

Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year! Thanks for reading! 


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