DIY Festive Ice Bucket

I don't know about you, but I plan on ringing in the new year with a kiss and a Martinelli! This DIY festive bucket is not only beautiful but functional, it will keep any beverage cold and is a stunning centerpiece!

All the materials you need to create this are listed below. 


- 1 large bucket

- 1 smaller bucket

- greenery, and/or berries

- water

- freezer

Get your large bucket and fill the bottom with your choice of greenery. Add your smaller bucket inside the larger one, fill it with water, rocks, or something heavy so it stays in place. I filled my smaller bucket with water, it's easier if the buckets don't have lids, if they do just don't close them. Now add greenery to the space between both buckets, remember, the more you add the less see-through your ice bucket will be. Now fill the space between both buckets (where you just added the greenery) to the brim with water. Place in freezer for a few hours. Take out the frozen bucket and put it upside down under hot water for about thirty seconds, the larger bucket should slide off. then fill the smaller bucket with hot water too, you should be able to pull the smaller bucket out after a few minutes. A couple of inches melted off the top of the ice bucket in his process, however since I filled it to the  brim, it still looked really cute! 

TIP - Place your festive ice bucket on a tray or towel so it won't melt and you can keep it out all night as you celebrate!

Happy New Year!