Last year we didn't actually have a christmas tree, we had a cute miniature faux tree which we set up and put all of our presents under. Chalk it up to lazy decorating and/or a newlywed budget. Although our first Christmas was sans tree, it will always be a special memory for us. This year, we rushed to Costco to go tree shopping, and we found the perfect one! It's your classic tree, about 7 feet tall and smells like a forest, we have to water it every day, and it's pretty much the best thing ever. We couldn't decide on the type of decorations that we wanted, so after letting our tree sit naked in our living room for about a week, we finally decided on a 'vintage' theme. To us that meant twinkle lights, popcorn and cranberry strings, peppermint candy canes, tinsel, and one giant star. Our first place to start for all things fun and sparkly (as usual) is good old Target. Target is an amazing wonderland full of stuff you absolutely NEED and can't live without on a regular day of the year. But during Christmas time, Target levels up. Just walk down the holiday isles, buy yourself something from the dollar section and try to tell me you're not instantly in a better mood. Our tree, combined with this cozy tv version of a fireplace for your home (which is also on Netflix btw) is making for a pretty wonderful Christmas this year.

I hope you had fun decorating your tree this year!


Enter the giveaway below for a chance to win a $50 target gift card! My favorite place to shop, especially during Christmas.