Can Winter Be Over Already?!

Growing plants/flowers is one thing that always makes me happy. My plants are like my little babies. Although I can't say that I've always been able to keep them alive, I have gotten better at learning what helps them grow and what they need to survive! Right now I have...

- 4 different bonsai plants  

- 1 orchid (i LOVE my orchid! i've had it for 2 years it hybernates in the winter and blooms in the spring)

- 8 different succulents (plus 1 from this trip)

- 1 Hypoestes Phyllostachya (pink polka dot plant)

I love seeing my little plants scattered throughout the house, especially right now! This winter I have ben hit so hard by the cold weather, I don't ever want to go outside. I need my vitamin D back. I just want to stay cuddled under 5,000 layers of blankets and sweats. But I took my little sister Melinda and went to purchase a few of these little guys the other day. I just felt like I needed something to remind me of summer!