2018 goals.

The new year is a fresh start. Yeah it's just 'another day' technically, but it's so fun and powerful to set goals for everything you want to accomplish during the next 365 days. Here are a few of mine. 

#2k18 #goals ;)

1. visit the beach, at least ONCE!!! (didn't get to do that last year)

2. triple my gross revenue (again!!) it's gonna be crazy difficult this year cuz it's a really high $$$ eek. 

3. travel out of the country (don't mind where i just want to use my passport lol)

4. work out 100 days this year. 

5. plan a fam activity with each of my family members (in-laws included!)

6. go zip-lining with Dallin! 


I want to know your goals for the new year! Whatever type of goals you set, I know you're capable of achieving them! 


Julia DeMottComment